About SongSpots

SongSpots produces and publishes commercial music. The music can be licensed for use in Radio and TV commercials, You Tube Videos, on-hold calls, in-store background music, web sites, Power Point presentations for corporations and non-profit organizations, product launches, branding, computer games, school projects and a host of other possibilities. 

The Catalogue

SongSpots has a growing catalogue with a variety of musical types. Some songs are short and simple that are well-suited as background tracks for radio and TV spots. Other pieces are longer and more complicated. They are designed for building tension and creating suspense to compliment the mood of a video or trailer. Some tracks provide an emotional connection with the listener. Still other tracks are more melodic and are well suited for on-hold calls and in-store music. 

How to License SongSpots Music

SongSpots music can be heard on SoundCloud at this link: SoundCloud 

Songs can be easily licensed through Pond 5. To license through the Pond5 website, just click on this link to go to the SongSpots portfolio on Pond 5. It will bring up a collection of SongSpots music available for licensing. 

Licensing Fees

License fees can vary by song. Generally speaking, SongSpots music can be licensed for a one-time set fee through Pond5. This arrangement is known as royalty free licensing. For music that is used for broadcast, the broadcaster pays royalties to ASCAP (the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers). ASCAP then passes those fees on to the appropriate parties.  

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