About SongSpots

SongSpots produces and publishes commercial music. The music can be licensed for use in Radio and TV commercials, You Tube Videos, on-hold calls, in-store background music, web sites, Power Point presentations for corporations and non-profit organizations, product launches, branding, computer games, school projects and a host of other possibilities. 

The Catalogue

SongSpots has a growing catalogue with a variety of musical types. Some songs are short and simple that are well-suited as background tracks for radio and TV spots. Other pieces are longer and more complicated. They are designed for building tension and creating suspense to compliment the mood of a video or trailer. Some tracks provide an emotional connection with the listener. Still other tracks are more melodic and are well suited for on-hold calls and in-store music. 

How to License SongSpots Music

SongSpots music can be heard on SoundCloud at this link: SoundCloud 

Songs can be easily licensed through Pond 5 or the SongSpots License store. To license through Pond5, just click on this link to go to the SongSpots portfolio on Pond 5. It will bring up a collection of SongSpots music available for licensing through Pond5

Licensing SongSpots stock music is simple and easy through the SongSpots licensing store (in the menu bar). The catalogue can be easily searched, and watermarked MP3 files can be downloaded free for test purposes. Once licensed, downloads in 16 bit WAV format are quick and easy.

Licensing Fees

License fees vary by type of use. Fees are discounted for students and non-profits starting at only $10 for non-broadcast use. Fees for business use depend on the purpose and intensity of use. Blanket licenses for broadcast use are available as well. Fees by use type can be easily calculated in the SongSpots License Store that is part of this website.

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